Three Ways the Book of Mormon Can Benefit You

Are you a regular student of the Book of Mormon? We are taught by prophets and apostles that studying the Book of Mormon on a daily basis brings special rewards. You may benefit from its lessons in every aspect of your life! Here are three educational benefits that come from studying the Book of Mormon on a daily basis.

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1. An increase in self-assurance

Sometimes you can worry that you have what it takes to succeed or feel uneasy about your skills, but the Book of Mormon can help!

You may learn more about God’s love for you and your identity as His son or daughter as you study it every day. Knowing your divine value may boost your self-esteem and give you greater assurance that you can succeed in finishing tasks, getting ready for tests, picking up a new language, or managing your life and studies with God’s assistance.

The Lord says, “Then will I make weak things become strong unto them,” if we are meek and trust in Him. He is the source of our power.

2. Individual development

Studying the Book of Mormon helps us to see that every obstacle we encounter has a purpose. In the Book of Mormon, even the most pious individuals faced significant difficulties. Nephi had no prior experience building ships. It was Helaman’s responsibility to lead an inexperienced army into battle. In order to preach to evil people, Samuel the Lamanite endangered his life.

We see from the Book of Mormon that the Lord puts His children through hardships in order to foster their growth. Finding the money to pay for an education, juggling a hectic schedule, or succeeding in college classes after a long break from school are just a few of the major obstacles that come with pursuing an education.

You will learn that these difficulties are a necessary part of developing into the person the Lord desires you to be and that He doesn’t expect you to get through them on your own by studying the Book of Mormon on a regular basis. “The burdens which were laid upon [them] were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease,” according to Alma and the sons of Mosiah during their time as missionaries. If you go through hardships with faith and a desire to grow, He will go through the same for you.

3. Obtaining supernatural assistance

The testimony of Jesus Christ and His position as our Savior is the main goal of the Book of Mormon. “I think of the word power when I think of the Book of Mormon,” stated President Russell M. Nelson. The principles included in the Book of Mormon has the ability to alleviate, soothe, replenish, support, fortify, reassure, and uplift our spirits.

These gifts, which cover every aspect of life, including education, are made possible by Christ. When you’re anxious or depressed, he will soothe you. He can help you feel more energised after a tough day or night of studying. He can support you while you tackle difficult jobs, pick up new skills, follow your callings, and take care of your family. He wants you to succeed because he loves you. You will have more access to His assistance if you study the Book of Mormon every day.

A prophet’s assurance

“My dear brothers and sisters, as you prayerfully study the Book of Mormon every day, you will make better decisions — every day,” stated President Nelson. I swear that when you think about what you’ve learned, doors to heaven will open, allowing you to get guidance for your own life as well as solutions to your own questions.

You can discover the tools and power to overcome whatever challenges you confront by studying the Book of Mormon on a regular basis.

Eight Things You Can Learn About God from the Book of Mormon

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon is a collection of scripture that includes the word of God that was communicated to mankind by His prophets. These are the eight priceless lessons it imparts to us about God, our kind heavenly father.

God is Real.

The existence of God is attested to in the Book of Mormon. People read about, hear about, and perceive evidence of God throughout the Book of Mormon. Nephi, a young man with “great desires to know of the mysteries of God,” is one example (1 Nephi 2:16). “Behold [the Lord] did visit me, and did soften my heart that I did believe,” he said in response to his petitions for knowledge of God (1 Nephi 2:16). By turning to God in prayer, everyone of us can discover that God is real.

Everything has God’s hand in it.

A man in the Book of Mormon asked that prophet Alma show him a sign that would demonstrate God’s presence. Alma said, “Everything points to the existence of a God; yes, even the earth and everything on its surface as well as its motion and all the planets that move in their normal ways attest to the existence of a Supreme Creator” (Alma 30:44). All the beauty around us has the imprint of God, if we look for it.

The fact that God has a body

Just as He did with the people of the Bible, God made Himself known to the people of the Book of Mormon. According to Mosiah 7:27 in the book of Mosiah, “man was created after the image of God.” This indicates that He has a physical body and that you were made to resemble Him.

You can hear from God.

God speaks to us most of the time through the Holy Spirit. However, there have been instances where individuals have heard God speak, generally in support of His Son, Jesus Christ. A multitude of people listen to God say, “Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name—hear ye him,” according to the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 11:7).

God adores His kids

The prophet Nephi honestly said, “I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things,” in response to the question of whether he knew “the condescension of God” (1 Nephi 11:16–17). In spite of the uncertainties in life, we may follow Nephi’s lead and cling to the conviction that God loves us, His children, and desires the best for us.

Love from God is perfect.

God’s love for you is independent of your upbringing, social standing, or even level of affection for Him. Instead, God’s love is limitless and flawless. According to the Book of Mormon, “He remembers the heathens; and all are alike unto God. He inviteth them all to come unto him and partake of his goodness. And he denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female” (2 Nephi 26:33).

You are part of God’s plan.

God created you, thus He is well aware of who you are. He has a scheme in place to see you happy and back home to Him. According to the Book of Mormon, God made His children “so that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25).

God desires for you to go back and live with Him.

You are able to turn from your sins and come back into God’s presence by the atonement of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. The prophet Samuel of the Book of Mormon preached that “mankind is redeemed by the resurrection of Christ, and is brought back into the presence of the Lord” (Helaman 14:17).

You may discover that God is real, that He loves you, and that He has a purpose for your life from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. You can find happiness in this life as well as the next by learning about Him and living His gospel.

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