Seven Motives for Using SQL Payroll Software

SQL payroll software is necessary for all types of businesses, including small and international enterprises. It’s not an easy chore to calculate employee pay, incentives, leave balances, print paystubs, send emails, and much more. You need several workers to complete this assignment for you because it takes hours of effort. Furthermore, a small error will force you to start again from scratch.

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Why not utilize an automated system that will do the tasks of several staff for you while eliminating the possibility of error?

Still doesn’t sound convincing? Here are some advantages of using SQL payroll software and the reasons you should use it to boost accuracy and save time.

Swift and Precise

The primary benefit is that SQL payroll software provides precise and fast computations. Payrolling hundreds of people on a monthly basis is a demanding task. The computations also get a little more difficult when limitations like overtime and leave management are taken into account.

All of this is reduced to a few mouse clicks using SQL payroll software, and you can have your payroll ready in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the program will calculate overtime, sick days, and leaves into account and provide you an exact result.

Simple Month-End Procedure

You may specify distinct month ends for different employees using the SQL payroll software. As an example, you may designate the 25th of each month as the month-end for sales staff and the 30th for other staff members. Sales personnel’ pay will be determined by the software on the 25th, and other workers’ salaries will be paid on the 30th.

Digital Transfers

In Malaysia, the SQL payroll software is connected to more than 25 banks. This enables salary transfers to happen automatically without requiring your input. If you give the program permission, it will compute the employee’s income at the end of each month and transfer it to them automatically—you won’t need to manually transfer the money or sign the checks.

Understands the Law

The purpose of SQL Payroll software is to make your life easier and more comfortable. The burden of deciphering intricate laws and integrating them into your payroll system is eliminated. You won’t need to do anything because the program complies with all Malaysian statute bodies. The SQL account will compute contributions for EPF, SOSCO, EIS, HRDF, and PCB, all the while accounting for the most recent contribution rates.

Isn’t that incredible?

Simple Modifications

With SQL Payroll software, you can add, edit, and remove employee data from any location. Additionally, the program comes with a cloud database that lets you edit or modify your current database from any location in the world.

Send out management reports.

You may want an accurate and comprehensive report on the productivity of your staff at the end of the year. The payroll account provides precise information about the number of hours worked, days off, overtime worked, and much more by your employee.

Additionally, all statutory report forms, such as PCB Income Tax CP39, SOCSO Borang 8A, EPF Borang A, and EIS Lampiran 1, are included in the sql payroll program. You may also submit documents electronically with it.

It’s Economical

The most affordable solution for all of your payroll, HR, and personnel administration issues is SQL Payroll software. It won’t be necessary for you to hire highly skilled and knowledgeable people to handle your accounts. With only a few clicks, the program facilitates the generation of payroll, payslips, reports, and much more.

You may assume that a program with that many features would be difficult to use. However, that is untrue. Anyone may become an experienced user of SQL Payroll software with no training because to its user-friendly design.

In summary

We are among the top consulting firms in Malaysia that can help you with SQL business software. All you have to do is let us know what you need, and our staff will work hard to provide the finest software available to enable you to handle your payroll processes. Our six-step software deployment approach will first assess your needs, then develop a system to meet those goals and provide you the training you need to operate the program. Aside from that, you may always get in touch with our customer service team for assistance with any problems.

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