Frequently asked Questions about Theta Healing

Many people are curious in the work I perform as a practitioner and educator of Thetahealing Technique® because it is a relatively new therapy. These are some actual queries that I have been asked throughout the years. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any more inquiries!

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Will I be able to use it?

Yes, for the majority of individuals. Are you prepared to examine the past and comprehend why the events of your life transpired as they did? It’s a fantastic method, but you have to be open to reconsidering your views at various points in your life, even if just briefly.

Is trauma healed by it?

It certainly can. In addition to resolving my own severe PTSD, I have directly assisted other individuals in releasing trauma associated with abuse and relationships. Using Thetahealing in conjunction with other therapies may assist ensure that your trauma release is thorough. – Like trauma-informed yoga, sound therapy, and other practices

How does it vary from other treatments such as Reiki?

Even while all modalities are healing, our belief work is what sets us apart! We assist eliminate bad ideas that have been held for numerous generations, as well as beliefs from former lives and beliefs received through collective awareness. We go beyond simply what you think in this lifetime. The potential influence of the collect increases with the depth of the study. We cure ourselves first, and then we spread out.

How does it operate?

We begin with a little meditation to enter a Theta brain wave. The client can access more memories—including our ancestor—while in a theta state than they can during a typical beta state. I only ask questions as the practitioner to assist you in identifying the source of your unfavorable views. I shall see the Creator alter someone’s belief after they have been identified. The client’s verbal consent is obtained before making any alterations.

Is remote work actually possible?

Yes, it functions flawlessly! My clientele spans the entire world. Please let me know if you would like to have a Zoom session or if you are not from the US.

How many appointments are necessary?

You have the last say on it. As they continue to develop, some individuals choose to work once a week or once a month, while others find that they receive what they require in a single session. Since five sessions is a good amount for most individuals, the five session bundle appears to be popular. The best course of action is to trust your gut and schedule a session the first time you feel like you should.

How does one feel during a session?

At the very conclusion, the majority of customers experience immense relaxation and relief. A range of feelings could come up when we discuss your views. Some clients report hearing messages, seeing images from the past as they are released, feeling the energy surge through them as we work, or having abstract visions. Some people are just really laid back.

Is there anything we can discuss during a session?

Indeed. Each and every session is private. This is a space free from criticism where you may explore and express any aspect of yourself that you would like to change. We all have a history, and the objective is to let go of any pain, shame, or guilt so that you can build a joyful new reality.

What happens if I can’t be fixed?

Nobody is beyond assistance as long as they are prepared to examine themselves and have the ability to take responsibility for their future lives.

What if you are unable to handle my pain? Will working on me cause you any harm?

I am able to see a lot of suffering and darkness throughout a session, but I also have space for you and your innermost thoughts. I am only serving as a witness while we release it; I am not taking on all that you are feeling because I maintain my connection to the Creator.

How can I tell whether it’s functioning?

Your heart will feel lighter at the conclusion of the session, and you could have a better grasp of your life and how your brian functions. The changes in energy last for around three days. The absence of negative ideas and a fresh understanding of how thoughts shape reality are the most frequent observations made by humans. Most individuals see shifts and healings immediately away, but approximately ninety days into our work together, some of the most significant improvements occur.

Questions concerning seminars on Thetahealing

What takes place in a classroom?

a great deal of practical experience There are plenty of opportunities to practice on your other classmates over the first two three-day seminars. You learn how to enter a Theta brainwave state, how to alter your beliefs, and how to feel safe as you advance in the first lesson. There are plenty of opportunities to practice and let go of many beliefs in every lesson.

How much time does certification take?

After the first lesson, you get certified! and maintain your certification in any subsequent class you decide to enroll in. On your profile, all of your certificates are visible.

After how many lessons can I start taking clients?

It is up to you! It is strongly advised to do the first three courses—Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper—to have the most grasp of the method. Some individuals who are adding Theta Healing to their current practice begin the next day. The remaining programs, such as Soul Mates, Animals, or Intuitive Anatomy, are designed to help you specialize or just go a little bit further into a certain subject.

Is it something that anybody can learn?

Indeed! Having confidence in something bigger than yourself is the sole requirement. We discuss the Creator in class, but you may also call on someone or just the universe’s energy.

Is taking the classes back-to-back the best option?

Some students enjoy cramming as much material as possible into every lesson they attend. Before continuing, I enjoy spreading them out and putting the teachings to use. I thus organized my agenda to suit both kinds of students. However, it is advised to take Basic, Advanced, and Dig Deeper within a six-month timeframe.

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